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estimated play time 5 minutes my a**, great game though. Original! got stuck again ^^;


This game is just, pure insanity, and hilarity.


I like the game, it reminds me of that one phone game and it's pretty addictive. 8/10

Really good game 

we need a application version

for offline mode or something


Brilliant and fun from start to finish. And it had a nice story and great written and unwritten humor. 4/5 fun, 5/5 originality, 4/5 presentation, 5/5 overall


Guns don't need people, people need people


well i dont think people need people during a pandemic

muy bien, solo que me atoro mucho Darn i got stuck by the wire of a lamp XD Still, pretty good game so far!

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I tried my best to make the magic-anti-gravity-recoil flexible enough to be able to unstuck yourself in most cases, but unfortunately it can still happen because physics and all.

Really wanted to add a [Nudge]-button for cases like that, but ran out time. Gamejams.

No worries! The magic-anti-gravity-recoil mechanism worked really well in most cases, and ik that gamejams don't give you a whole lot of time. I was just letting you know in case you update this post-jam etc :D

I got stuck butt-first inside a shot-out bookcase at one point and was really impressed that after a lot of blammo, it actually proved possible to shunt myself out of there.

This was a "Well, I've really worked myself into a corner" situation rather than an "I am literally attached to another object" situation, but still I think you've done a great job with the magic-anti-gravity-recoil all round.