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Can we import our local custom objects (not shared online) from Kongregate to the version?

will you put this game on iOS and Android when it is finished?

I wish this game could be free today i really wants to play

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Hi, Lillian here. I've purchased the game, and I had a question after enjoying it for some time:

Will the resolution be increased in relatively short fashion? I would like to be able to use environments such as the GIGA Lab in a maximized window without 75% of the window being unavailable territory for everything bar the bare minimum.

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I'm looking into it for the next update, but no promises on how many changes make it in.  There's quite a few things that need improving on the resolution front, since the game has been built in 4:3 resolution from the ground up.

Note that the "100%" scaling mode is something that isn't usually available in games (since it lets you see outside the intended game area), but I've left it supported since it's a sandbox and all, even if it isn't super usable currently. You can change the scaling mode via the View button in the player, or via the right click menu (make sure to disable [Settings > Misc > Allow RMB] so you can access it.) Also disabling [Settings > Misc > Edge Pan] might help.

Basically the available territory is the 800x600 area the game has been built around, which you're _supposed_ to see, and everything else is just gravy provided by the flash player's scaling.

* The game uses a 800x600 canvas to draw all the visual effects (particles, pause effect, etc,) and anything that goes outside of it gets cut off currently. UI is also locked to the canvas area currently.

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why is this 10 bucks, there's a free flash version? it isn't even worth 3 dollars. this is a time waster.

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Mega-sassy bullet-pointed brutally honest writeup incoming since you're the latest in long line of people questioning the pricing model. Enjoy.

- There was a lot of interest in an updated download edition, so I released one. And it's selling better than expected.

- The previous Pay What You Want system didn't work, at all, which I wrote about in the release devlog (and a bit more in the first month recap devlog), so the new version has been priced accordingly.

- Don't like the price? Wait for a sale, since it's literally called Wait For Sale Edition and all. There has been half a dozen sales since launch, generally bringing the price from somewhere around "medium takeout pizza" to "fancy cup of coffee", which sounds very reasonable to me personally.

- It lets players support the game that I've spent years developing and continuously updating. There's over 1500 items in the latest version, and a ton of other stuff to "waste time" with. (Since it's a sandbox, any wasted time is unfortunately solely your fault.)

- No ads unlike the web versions. (If you run adblockers on Kong, you're directly hurting small developers. And that's on you.)

- Can be played fully offline after downloading, without any DRM handshakes.

-Ability to leverage local Flash Players with no browser overhead, leading to better performance for some, and allowing resolution scaling, fullscreen, etc.

- What it boils down to is an alternate way to play, aimed at those who prefer to play the game that way. Kong is still just as valid a place to play on if you prefer it here.

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hey, so is the flash version on kongergate not getting updated anymore ? if it's not then i'm sad because i love your games but i cant afford the game (what i mean by that is i live in another country and  one dollar is 22000 of our money) but i'm not forcing you to update it, you do you.

and also, if you're not updating it anymore,  can i have an invite to your discord sever so i can see the new updates and stuff ?

Invitation here:


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All future content updates (new items/powers/environments/all that stuff) will be added to both Kongregate and the Download Edition.

For some reason the doll and map never spawns, and all of the menus are blank in the base edition. Do you know why?

I'm running windows 8.1 with an i7 and Nvidia graphics card.

this game will be free one day? if yes, when?

When new version?On free download its flash game why we must pay money?make free edition for last version

See the release devlog.

Why does this cost money???

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Because I like buying food and paying rent.

Seriously though, see the release devlog.

Make credit card payment an option, plz and thank you.

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I've finally linked Stripe ('s card processor) just now. Feel free to try it out, and let me know if there are any issues.

Plz put on Steam

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Hey,I paid for the old version,Could you sent me some way to get it now?

I tried to find one,but it didn't work,I really love the game and I would like to play it again.

(Edited 2 times) should give you the new version automatically. (More info on the system from here.)

To find your download:

1) Is it listed on your account's purchases or donations pages?

2) Can you find the old purchase confirmation mail you got from when you bought it originally? The mail should have your unique download url.

I have bought the game about an year ago,I was having an acount called "Roby_The_King",or something like that aaaand,I lost the Fucking password,and I hate it,That's what happend to my old Facebook page and, that is why now I use the same password on all my acounts.

And about the email,as I said I bought the game about an year ago,and,from the day I made my email(witch was about 5 years ago)I have not deleted an message,There are about 10000 emails,I would never find it.And I hate the fact that I was too lazy to clear the emails when I had the ocasion,and now I have to pay again for it,and I was tring to save some money for the rent and here in Romania 1$=5RON,So,I was tring to save some money.

sorry,I was rambling

Please mail me (contact at from the email you used to purchase. I'll see if I can find it.

Can you give me the emai,The page won't load

If you need my email it's

You could place the game on Steam, it's the only way you could buy it.

Well, he is in the planning of making a Steam version. However, that will be a while. Also, you could just buy the game with Paypal or cryptocurrency if you want

are you going to update this version like the other one yea? because i want to buy it and if you stop update it i will be sad :c

Future updates and fixes are included, yes.

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i would will prob buy the feed the dev on my bday so there will be weapons and stuff from rust in it and make blunts more powerful and heavy in settings but i want it now so i'll just pay 10 

Good luck rava or who ever the dev is 

EDIT: Me and kryptix are the two unanswered yellow frogs 

EDIT: A bolt action rifle that you have to reload by putting bullets in one at a time and have to press r or something to chamber the bullet will be a great idea** a hard one but ye

Hey, is there any devlog for certain download edition versions. I'm not sure what the update v20180114 has in it. Is it just bug fixes or did it come with new content too? Thanks! Also, can I have the invite for the MaD 2 discord as the invite code in the download has expired?

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I'll make sure to post (major) patchnotes as devlogs.

0114 was to fix the Discord invite, which the server admins had to nuke due to a potential incoming raid.

The in-game button was changed to link to my site instead of a direct invite, so I can redirect to the proper invite that way (previously changing it required deploying a new file each time).

 You can find the latest invite via:

Oh ok, cool.

make it free or gift me the game or lower the price... 10$ is overpriced

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Thank you for the concern.

Here's a coupon you can use to lower the price:

Edit: Coupon expired. Follow MaD2 social media for news on the relatively frequent sales.

Why is it only paypal?

Currently only PayPal is supported. I'll look into Stripe (credit card) if there's enough interest in that.

I've finally linked Stripe ('s card processor.) Feel free to you try it out, and let me know if there are any issues.

Why not is free ?

the game is free online, but to download it, you need to pay to support the dev, if you want to play it free then you can just play it on kongregate

See the release devlog for the full details, I covered the reasoning and price there to the best of my ability. If you have any further questions it doesn't cover, feel free to contact me.

do i have to pay with paypal or can i pay with credit card

Currently only PayPal is supported. I'll look into Stripe (credit card) if there's enough interest in that (so far, you're the first to ask about CCs.)

Cann you make the game for free






Deleted post




I did another video on it cause i enjoy playing the game



hate to join in on this copy paste 

but i stand by it



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