Quality of Life Update OUT NOW!

The Quality of Life update is focused on addressing the long list of suggestions, tackling bug reports, and polishing things.

Full patchnotes and info so I don't have to update multiple places:



MaD2 Download Edition (.exe + .swf) 17 MB
47 days ago

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Looking through the comments I'm surprised you're not jaded as hell by now, I'm really glad this game is still being worked on in 2019 (I remember downloading this game on my home PC when I was just a tween, definitely my version of "that violent Newgrounds game you played as a kid") sadly I don't have any money at the moment (I feel like with the maturity of some some of the comments that might apply to a number of fans) but I'm hunting for a job right now, first paycheck I'm putting down some money on this and should I be lucky and not need any extra money for an immediate emergency I would really like to hold a giveaway of my own for the game :D