Updated Download Editions out now.

Welcome to the "PLEASE UPDATE" Update

At long last, your eloquent pleas for an update have been answered.

Today I'm introducing two new editions of downloadable MaD2.

You can find all the relevant information below, or on the game page. If you're here just for the update, you can skip right to "Edition Info."

Wait? What's that? It costs money? That's right, and honestly, I didn't want to do it.

Back when I first released the original Download Version (in January 2015), I offered it - and all of the free content updates - using the Pay What You Want (PWYW) model Itch.io offers. It didn't go so great. At all. I then stopped supporting the download version at the end of 2015 because it just wasn't worth it.

Nuts and Bolts

If you're interested in the details behind the change to go from purely PWYW to paid, you can find the analytics from the
past few years below for full transparency.

The stats are from January 2015 to January 2018 (as of writing) here on Itch.io.

242,387Downloads (73% of which is the .exe version)
151Purchases (50% of which is $1 or under)

To elaborate:

0.06% of the downloads were purchases, and the total earnings, over three years, is less than a month's revenue MaD2 makes on other platforms.

I'm grateful to everyone who purchased it (especially those who went above and beyond with PWYW, three highest purchases being $50, $35 and $30), but I'd also be lying if I said I didn't expect a lot more people wanting to pay.

And yes, it's solely my own fault in the end for not setting a minimum price in the first place, or even after the first year. I figured offering a local, offline, ad-free version and supporting it with updates on top of that would be enough, but in the end "PWYW" unfortunately seems to equal "Free."

As far as the inevitable pirates go, since there's now a paid version, I'm not doing anything to lock the game when played locally. Enjoy. Just please support the game, or any of my future projects, once you can.

Edition Info

The old Download Version will be rebranded as Base Edition. It will be free. You can't pay for it even if you try.

Going forward, the price for MaD2 will be $10.

I feel like it's a nice round number that makes it easy to do math during the relatively frequent sales I'll be having, and as such, the edition is called Wait For Sale Edition (WFSE). If you were one of the 151 early adopters who previously purchased MaD2, thank you, and you should receive the WFSE automatically.

The first sale is ongoing right now, at 30% off, during launch. You can find the sale info here, or on the game page.

In addition to the WFSE, I'm offering a $100, never discounted, Feed The Developer Edition for those potential few who might really love the game and have enough disposable income to spend on mostly just supporting and motivating the developer, myself. And as a carrot, I'm offering optional item/power design with the edition.


  • Offer a choice between Flash (.swf) and Windows (.exe) when downloading.
  • Can be played locally offline, with no registration or DRM handshakes.
  • User content portion of the game does not work in any edition, as it relies on Kongregate's API. Contracts may be disabled at some point down the line, because they're pretty much unusable locally as they rely on the multiplayer component.

Base Edition

  • Base game with content updates included, up until the December 2015 update.
  • Unsupported (but not completely broken, it's very much playable.)
  • Free

Wait For Sale Edition

  • Full game with all current content updates included (latest being the Power Update in November 2017 as of writing.)
  • All future content updates included.
  • Supported with additional polish and bug fixes compared to Base Edition.
  • Support for importing item models to the game from the game's free item editor, MaD Lab.
  • $10 $7.00 launch sale (But you can also choose to pay more if you feel like it.)

Feed The Developer Edition

  • Same details as Wait For Sale Edition.
  • You get to work* with** me to design an Item or a Power. You may choose to receive*** the result exclusively personally, or to be added to the game for everyone.
  • I love you.
  • $100 (To get this edition, enter this edition's price as the purchase price on checkout, then contact me with the
    receipt. Contact me for bulk deals, or if you have something fancy in mind. I'm very open to discussion.)

(* You come up with the ideas, and I'll do all the grueling work.

** I have to retain all rights, including refusing and altering your idea during and after implementation until the end result is decent.

*** The implementation and delivery time may vary wildly.)

Get Mutilate-a-Doll 2

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aaaaaand now everyone wants a free version

damn it

get me pls free version


is the paid version gonna be free next year?

bom Madman_seers sera gratuita a versão 2018 a 2019 È ainda paga mas, por isso sera 5 dolares mas sim sera gratuita obs: sera gratuita a versão 2018 a 2019 sera paga. desculpe por nao ter atendido antes estou muito ocupado com uma relaçao do jogo multilate-a-doll. seu pedido estara realizado no ano que vem. equipe: Orava


(1 edit) (-1)

Base edition is unplayable, all it shows is a bunch of menus that are empty. "...very much playable." Playable my ass.


Give me a Free version! We all need a free version of MaD 2!

:| i need to wait to free version so... LETS WAIT!

niceee he he he bob will now die