Quality of Life Update out now!

Quality of Life Update out now!

The QoL update adds in player-requested features, a ton of polish and ease-of-use to various features, and miscellaneous tweaks that hopefully make your MaD life just a tiny bit easier.

Info and patchnotes can be found on the Kong forums here:



* Two new tools, Piston and Ignore.

* Over a dozen new Properties (such as Glitch, Scorch, and Resist Bullets.)

* New Library with better categories and icons.

* New Effects particles.

* TONS of bugfixes and tweaks.

Hope you like it,



Wait For Sale Edition (Windows .exe) 8 MB
Mar 30, 2018
Wait For Sale Edition (Flash .swf) 2 MB
Mar 30, 2018

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FAQ of sorts:

I found a bug!

If you find any issues, please submit them in detail on the Bug Reports thread:


I'll be doing daily bugfix patches that deal with issues related to the new update.

How to patch?

The game deploys as a single file, so you simply redownload it from Itch.io. The swf version is under 3MB and the exe under 9MB, so it's not too big a hit to download caps either.

When to patch?

Keep an eye on the MaD2 social media for news to see when an update lands.

You can also see when the file is updated when you go to the download page (as of writing, it says something like "30min ago.")