Neapolitan Items

Welcome to the three-parter Neapolitan Items update!

It's a bit different than your usual item updates, mainly due to my personal scheduling. As mentioned, the update is split into three:


* 50 vanilla items with no functionality.
* I'm releasing all the polished vanilla items I have at hand right now so you get them immediately.


* ?? items with basic functionalities that are relatively straightforward to implement. Some armour pieces, basic firearms, variants of existing items.
* Coming soon(ish). Say a month-or-so from now.


* ?? items with fancy unique functionalities, that require way more time than I have available right now.
* Coming eventually. Summer(ish).


Wait For Sale Edition (Windows .exe) 8 MB
Apr 14, 2018
Wait For Sale Edition (Flash .swf) 2 MB
Apr 14, 2018

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