Death has replaced its scythe with a bus.

Harvest a dead town until there's nothing left.



Drive - [WASD]/[Arrows]

Jump/Climb/Reorient - [Space]

Mute - [M]

Volume - [+]/[-]


Playthrough video:

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity


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I expected nothing less than this masterpiece.

I didn't know what to expect... and what I actually got was waaaaay better than I could imagine! This was so fun. The controls were a little tricky, but the experience was still awesome.
And Dr Death was right. Scythes are really lame.
Great work! I really enjoyed it.


this game is AWESOME. the controls might be a bit difficult but it feels so nice to destroy everything.

scythes are lame! death bus forever!

when i climb up a building  the bus stays upright even when i am not on the building

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